The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

14 June 2011

Proof of life

My sister heard that phrase from a mother of seven children.  The crumbs on the table, the toys on the stairs, the broken bike in the driveway... they are proof of life.  Signs that the home is full of thriving, vital, busy, energetic, happy little people.  I once made a list of the toys I found in the lawn, and while I don't have the list anymore, it went something like this:
3 little plastic balls - yellow, green, red
2 soccer balls
1 basketball
2 plastic swords
1 shield
1 sock
3 lego people
4 sand shovels
6 hot wheels cars
2 dump trucks
1 Tonka truck
2 tricycles
1 scarf
2 plastic cups
2 bottle caps
1 water pistol
5 big boy bikes
1 bike carriage
1 bocce set

a little mountain of special pebbles

Four and Five like to play in my room, turning my makeup brushes into beards, pretending my hair clips are sharks, or asking me to give them freckles with an eyeliner pencil.  I recently came home after a few weeks away to find signs of life hidden in little corners.
Some creature you build out of little pieces

I think this is a gun, but it could
be a leg

An underwater explorer.
Be careful when getting into the bath

Getting ready to go for a walk, we found
a Spiderman flip flop in Mama Nut's boot.

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