The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

26 December 2009

CTKS - Christmas version

At Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, as the carolling came to an end the lights came up in preparation for the liturgy. Number Four Peanut became very excited, and called out "Hooray!"

At the end of Mass, Four again, became very excited, this time calling out "We did it!" To which Three replied with "Yeah! Now we can go home and open presents!"

Sitting at supper on Boxing Day, Two said he wished that Santa Claus would come back. Thinking I knew the answer ('cause Santa would bring more presents), I asked him why. He said it was so that he could say thank you for the underwear.

Five got a lot of cars for Christmas. A lot. Cars in his stocking, cars from Mommy and Daddy, a car from Oma. He now wanders around the house, clutching five or six of them - depending on how many he can hold - in both hands and holding them to his belly with his arms. If one drops, he gets very upset, because he hasn't figured out how to pick it up without losing the rest of them. He gets very insistent that you help him. If he is called away from car holding for any reason - say for a meal or a diaper change - he very carefully puts them down one by one, meticulously lined up in a row.

We've had a snowfall here in Sohoe. Two, who is a SnowPeanut if ever there was one, said he hoped there would be two 'grownup feet' of it in the morning.

Leg of lamb for supper. Two picked at a piece on his plate, saying it looked a little gross. Maybe it was an eye socket or something. Anatomy is not yet his strong suit.

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