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08 December 2009

Pie, deuxieme partie

You may (or may not) remember the Grape Pie Incident. (Go here to read about it)
You also may or may not know that I have been 'home alone' for the past 4 days. Well, all the Peanuts are coming home today, and yes, I am going to attempt to feed them upon their arrival. I have been able to muster a decent spaghetti a time or two, but really, who can't open a can of sauce? And, I've always had Mama Nut (my sister) around to be backup, should I forget something dire, like how to chop an onion. (Actually, to be brutally honest, I've never mastered the proper onion chopping technique - that oh so elegent way of 'slice slice let go' to make beautiful little cubes of onion fall apart onto your cutting board. I tend to just go at it with a sharp knife until it's in bitty pieces)

I am, dear reader, going to attempt another pie, but this time, I am going to make the crust myself. HA! I have found something called "The Best Ever Pie Crust Recipe" on, which sounds rather convincingly good. Not precisely easy, but my sister JB, assures me that most people take far too precious an attitude toward crust. So I shall rely on TBEPCR for quantities, and then just go for it. No freezing of ingredients or utensils. No chilling. No Novenas to St. Zita, the patron of kitchens. I shall just march into the kitchen with confidence. I am master of my flour and fat and...salt (had to double check the recipe on that) and the result will be two bee-yew-tee-ful meat pies, ready for my beloved family to feast on.

Speaking of feasts, it is, today, a superlative feast day, as you will see in the post below. So, I have also baked a chocolate cake. This was a cheater though, as it came from a mix. Hmph. Still, I shall devise something yummy to accompany it with frozen blueberries, which I know are snuggled in the basement freezer, waiting to be useful.

If I am able, I shall post pictures, but really, don't hold your breath.

* ~ *


Whose idea was this? Stoopid pie thing.
The lump of dough and I have retreated to neutral corners; we're not quite seeing eye to eye.
I'm comforting myself with the knowledge that the meat filling tastes sublime.

* ~ *

Further update:

After residing in the fridge for an hour (or so), and then sat upon the counter to 'rest' (because sitting in the fridge is exhausting, no?), the dough balls were attacked. That's right: I attacked them. First with a sharp knife to divide them, then with a rolling pin to flatten them, stretch them, and generally beat them into submission. But only after they reduced me to tears. Nearly. I tried to roll them out, just like in the helpful videos I watched online. I tried flipping the dough, and giving it a quarter turn after each pass of the pin. It cracked at the edges, stuck to the counter, broke into pieces...argh! I eventually put it together like a puzzle in the pie plate, scooped the yummy meat filling in, and managed to cover the top with another blanket of dough. It turned out, in the end. Hoorah!

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