The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

07 December 2009


Dear reader, I am conducting an informal pole:

Do you feel a fundamental obligation to answer the phone when it rings?
Do you have to answer the door when someone knocks?
Are you unable to not reply to an email?

If a person answered no to all of the above, does that make them mysteriously reclusive or merely a dysfunctional antisocial?


  1. I used to have a really hard time not answering the phone or the door, until I had a child. Now, not answering the door is extremely easy - in fact, I actually look through the HUGE window to see who it is and if I don't know them, I don't answer. I no longer even care if they see me check, then turn away. LOL!

    The phone took longer to ignore and I can rarely, if ever, do it while at work. But at home, I can ignore it thanks to call display.

    Emails are trickier and I try to always respond if a response is required.


  2. I have no problem not picking up the phone when it rings. I have been known to hide, rather than open the door unless I know who is there. I do feel obliged to answer emails, but they don't have the same immediacy as the other two situations. Email doesn't intrude in the same way.
    Is this antisocial behaviour? Protectionist? Or merely unfriendly?