The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

11 December 2009


Squirrels are random thoughts that run across your mind, distracting you from what you were just thinking, saying or doing.

I have a few such random thoughts to offer today:

Why do film sound editors not realize that scenes with music or action should only be as loud as scenes with dialogue? When characters are talking, we have to crank the volume up. When music enters in, we have to dial it way down. Annoying.

Today I saw a car with two sets of fake antlers attached to the windows, much like people display hockey flags during the interminable playoff season. One on each side of the car. It looked odd, to be sure, but it made me smile.

There is a large Creche set up outside one of the public buildings in our nearest city. Baby Jesus is already in His crib - a few days early - but they're all there, nearly large as life, and right out there in plain sight. Hooray! I must remember to let someone know I approve and appreciate it.

I had to call a government agency today, and while I waited for a while for my call to be picked up from the "priority seqquence", the person who ended up taking my call was very friendly, very capable, competent and kind. Not only was she able to answer my question, but was able to do much of what needed doing for me right on the phone. Wowza! (An experience of good customer service!)

We have bananas that need doing with. I'm thinking banana bread.

I have an ear worm (a song that goes around and around in your head; you can't get rid of it for love nor money). It's a rather annoying one that goes something like: ra ra ra - la la - la la la ga ga ga...I want your love. I don't know what it means, and that makes me feel old.

The Peanuts are watching Where's Nemo. Oops, that's Waldo. I mean Finding Nemo. It's the part where Ellen Degeneres speaks in whale - one of the funniest bits ever.

Over and out.

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