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22 December 2009

Of products - not projects

Inspiration for this post came from my Friend From The Tree. Today, I am going to discuss products. Hooray!

One of my favourite places to get products, is the pharmaceutical supplier known as... Schmopper's Drug Mart. I can spend hours wandering the aisles of this schmopper's mecca - and not for their selection of drugs which are actually quite limited, considering the word is right there in the name. If you don't already know, this is the place to for the latest best selling novel, gift wrap, scented candles, phone cards, photo developing, processed cheese slices, bathroom paper, and my favourite - cleaning supplies!

That's right - I get excited about cleaning supplies and I don't care who knows it. There is a brand from this store that I really like, called Method (as I have nothing but good to say about it, I won't bother disguising the name). Everything about it is good, from the packaging to the product. They have laundry detergent, hand soap, all purpose cleaner, wood care and -- this is what I recently got giddy over -- a floor cleaner that doesn't have to be diluted in a big bucket and mucked about the floor with a stinky old mop. It can be sprayed from a specially designed spray nozzle right on to the floor (guaranteed to not puddle, but rather land in a perfectly dispersed mist) and then swished around with your implement of choice. Hoorah! I like clean floors, but I don't like having to dispose of the yucky water after the fact. I haven't had the chance to try it yet, but I'm presenting this as my first Fabulous Product.

Right away, I have a second Fabulous Product selection: household wipes. Doesn't matter the brand - I haven't come across one yet that doesn't do the job, though there may be one or two that are a little better than the others. I think it's a wonderful concept: a cloth that already has the cleaning solution on it, and can then be thrown away. No need to keep the old germs and gunk hanging around the house. They are perfect for quickly wiping down the bathroom, for sanitizing door knobs and faucets, scrubbing countertops or whatever else needs doing. I even use them to quickly go over the bathroom and kitchen floors. Convenient! Clean! Two of my favourite qualities.

Something that will not make it onto my Fabulous Products list is blister packaging. A thing more frustrating is hard to conceive. Have you ever found yourself struggling with increasingly larger pairs of scissors until you have a machete in your hands, trying to get at the Batman action figure, or the toothbrush say, only to end up with tiny cuts on your hands and fingers? Whose idea was that, and how did they think it was a good one? Not fabulous at all.


  1. What a Canadian with a cold does when she sees a very beautiful man.

  2. That is by far, the best one yet. I LOVE it.

    "What a Canadian with a cold does when she sees a very beautiful man."

    Perfect. Just perfect.




  3. This is fun! Makes me feel zingy.

    Let's see....
    Nossi: a misunderstood quote from YGM, "light some candles to make my apartment smell 'nossi'".
    Nossi: a colloquialism used by chic young people, referring to one's state of health after a rowdy night out.