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the lighthouse

27 December 2009

Eat, pray, love

I am reading this fabulous book, Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was highly recommended to me by someone who's literary taste I trust completely - my sister. She read it and got a lot from it, and so, finding myself between reads, I borrowed it from the library. I'm on page 72 of 331 so far, and I agree with her completely: it's a fabulous book. Way back on page 14 I knew I wanted to have a copy of my own so I would be able to really savour it, linger over it, and read it again and again. The very best books are the ones you can dip into, at any part, read only a page or two, and experience the same fulfillment you had at reading the whole thing, cover to cover for the first time.

This is the true accounting of a year Liz spent 'finding herself'. I was worried at first that it was going to be very self-conscious, condescending, and new age emptiness. It is none of those things. She writes with honesty, kindness and wit. She is obviously a woman who loves words and has worked at perfecting her craft of writing.

I am definitely going to be telling you more about this book, but I can't stop reading it yet to talk about it.


  1. Oh I'm so glad to read your review. I can't tell you how many times I've picked this book up at the store, only to put it back down again because I'm just not sure it'll be good enough to buy.

    Every time I'm at Schmapter's (which is, as you know, often) I'm tempted by it. Maybe today is the day!


  2. I loved this book too...almost from beginning to end. :)