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the lighthouse

22 December 2009

How toilet paper brought a tear to my eye

I had a car-less period which lasted for about 3 years, a few years ago. That was in The Place before The Last Place I lived. I managed to get around quite well, with the bus service and the intervention of some good friends. Those friends were greatly appreciated because I was very self conscious about transporting toilet paper on the bus, so whenever the opportunity presented itself, I would buy a large package (36 double rolls) in order to spare myself the mortification of having other people know that I, too, used paper. Silly, I know. I like to think of it as an endearing quirk.

Today, while waiting outside the store mentioned in the post below, I spied a family of a mom and three kids come out, each of them carrying a large package of toilet paper! I got misty-eyed at the memories of those days I would get home, satisfied that I was well stocked in the tp department.

It's the simple things, folks.

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