The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

30 December 2009

Love letter

My dearest Pop,

I love you, and I miss you. I've tried to write this so many times today: to tell you about the memories floating through my mind; how suddenly I feel the aching emptiness again, like at the beginning; how I wish you were still here, while at the same time I'm grateful for the good that has happened this year, and am so glad you no longer have to endure suffering.

I know that you are praying for us. I feel you nudging me, telling me to get on with it and I'm trying to make you proud. We are doing ok, even if we're still a little shaky at times. This year has brought me to a place of peace and freedom in a way I never could have imagined before - I think you would approve, Pop.

We talk about you often, especially with the Peanuts. We tell them your stories, and we see you in them in so many ways. They keep you with us, and keep us going, as only kids can. Thank goodness for them, or we'd really be lost. Please pray for them, Pop; Malcolm especially could probably use your Guardian Angels.

And don't forget about us. You're still my dad, and I still need you, so don't forget. With God's grace I will see you again some day.

I love you,


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